• Year-End Tax Tips & Strategies
    As we approach the end of 2017, it's important to be aware of some tax strategies that can be implemented. There are some strategies that can wait until your tax filing deadline, however, the... READ MORE
  • Upcoming Trades: New Reinsurance Mutual Fund
    Next week we are buying a fund called Stone Ridge Reinsurance Risk Premium Interval Fund (SRRIX) in most client portfolios. This fund invests in what are called Insurance Linked Securities (ILS). In... READ MORE
  • The 19 Questions to Ask Your Financial Adviser
    An article was recently featured in the Wall Street Journal by renowned author Jason Zweig titled, "The 19 Questions to Ask Your Financial Adviser". Zweig is the personal finance columnist for the... READ MORE
  • Fear and Greed
    “Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful” - Warren Buffett You may be familiar with this Buffett quotation, but have you thought about what it really means? At WJ... READ MORE
  • Precautions Due to Equifax Breach
    You may have heard that Equifax, which is one of the three major credit bureaus, recently had a data breach that affected up to 143 million Americans. While such a large data breach of sensitive... READ MORE
  • Tax Relief After Hurricane Harvey
    We hope you and your family are safe. As most of us who call the Houston area home were impacted by Hurricane Harvey, please note that you may qualify for tax relief from the IRS due to the disaster... READ MORE
  • The Calm Before the Storm
    In light of a much-anticipated active hurricane season, we're reminded that now is the time to prepare for the proverbial storm. There are many key facets to being financially prepared including... READ MORE
  • We Keep Dancing – Part II
    As a follow up to our WJNotes last week . "Our responsibility now is to keep dancing, but closer to the exit and with a sharp eye on the tea leaves." - Ray Dalio, Head of the largest hedge fund in... READ MORE
  • We Keep Dancing
    When the music stops, in terms of liquidity, things will be complicated. But as long as the music is playing, you’ve got to get up and dance. We’re still dancing. - Chuck Prince The intent of... READ MORE
  • WJ Client Portal vs Schwab Statements
    Just over a year ago, we released our new WJ Client Investment Portal to replace our printed quarterly statement. Since that time, over 75% of our clients have logged into their portal. The feedback... READ MORE
  • Upcoming Portfolio Changes
    Starting today and over the next couple of weeks, we are placing several trades in clients’ portfolios. These trades reflect changes in the market environment and some model adjustments we have... READ MORE
  • Welcome to 2017
    Welcome to 2017. You may have noticed some trades in your portfolio as we started the year. We were investing accumulated cash from 2016 capital gains distributions and rebalancing accounts. We... READ MORE
  • Performance Since Election
    Emerging markets stocks down more than 5 percent. Municipal bonds down less than 5 percent. International developed markets stocks are down 0.7 percent and taxable bonds down more than 2 percent.... READ MORE
  • The Sun Came Up This Morning
    Financial markets typically don’t like surprises, and that’s exactly what we experienced last night in the election for the 45th President of the United States. A surprise given that the majority... READ MORE
  • Articles of Value
    We do a lot of reading in our business. Much of what we read is regurgitated market commentary of little value, but occasionally we come across some well-thought-out pieces that we think are... READ MORE