Risk Management of Personal Assets

A presentation from Roberts Markel Weinberg Butler Hailey as they identify how to protect your financial future. To be sure you, family, property, financial assets and businesses are appropriately protected.... READ MORE

Upcoming Portfolio Changes

Starting today and over the next couple of weeks, we are placing several trades in clients’ portfolios. These trades reflect changes in the market environment and some model adjustments we have made to more efficiently express our outlook. The purpose of this WJNotes is to provide insight into our money management process, to explain the changes to the model and its effect on clients’... READ MORE

Spring Investor Luncheon: Review & Outlook

A presentation from the WJ Advisors as they recap recent market activity, portfolio positioning, possible tax code changes, and tips on decoding financial headlines.... READ MORE

Welcome to 2017

Welcome to 2017. You may have noticed some trades in your portfolio as we started the year. We were investing accumulated cash from 2016 capital gains distributions and rebalancing accounts. We continue to remain positioned conservatively as both bonds and US stocks appear overvalued. Foreign stocks future returns look better, but still don’t warrant aggressive positioning. We are contrarian... READ MORE

Performance Since Election

Emerging markets stocks down more than 5 percent. Municipal bonds down less than 5 percent. International developed markets stocks are down 0.7 percent and taxable bonds down more than 2 percent. What time period are we discussing? Of course, it is the major asset class returns since the election (i.e. The Trump Rally). Wait, what ?! We are writing this WJNotes to set the record straight. Without... READ MORE

Wrapping Up Your 2016 Finances

As Seen In the Fort Bend Independent With the close of the year comes a number of different tax and personal finance deadlines of which you should be aware: Required Minimum Distributions for IRAs In the year you turn 70 ½, the IRS requires you to begin taking withdrawals from your IRAs. The penalty for choosing to ignore your required minimum distribution (RMD) is severe; a 50 percent penalty... READ MORE

Fall Investor Luncheon: A Discussion with the WJ Advisors

A panel discussion with Bill, Jared, Jonathan, Jordan & Brandon as they recap recent market activity, the market outlook, and answer investor questions.... READ MORE

The Sun Came Up This Morning

Financial markets typically don’t like surprises, and that’s exactly what we experienced last night in the election for the 45th President of the United States. A surprise given that the majority of the media and pre-election polls indicated a different outcome. Dow futures were down at one point by 800 points prior to the final call. The S&P futures were down by more than 100 points.... READ MORE

Year-End Tax Strategies

As Seen in the Fort Bend Independent As we continue to approach the end of 2016, it’s important to be aware of some tax strategies that can be implemented. There are some strategies that can wait until your tax filing deadline, however, the following strategies must be implemented before year end. Roth Conversions Depending on your current situation, a Roth conversion could be a great wealth... READ MORE

Should I Own Bonds?

As Seen In the Fort Bend Independent Many clients come to us having never invested in bonds, with little understanding of how they work and the advantages/disadvantages of owning this asset class. After stocks, bonds are typically the second largest asset class in a portfolio. Bonds serve two functions in an investment portfolio. First, they provide income and a return of principal at a specific... READ MORE