Farrah Gandhi

Farrah’s responsibilities at WJ Interests include developing and executing a clearly defined marketing and communications strategy in a manner that supports consistent business growth and enhances the client experience. She manages all marketing functions including events, newsletters and community involvement. Farrah’s 13+ years in marketing began in Luxury Retail as she worked with industry... READ MORE

Faye Roach

Faye’s responsibilities at WJ Interests involve managing all aspects of our clients’ accounts. She has a strong relationship with the Charles Schwab service team and knows how to expedite the needs of our clients. Faye came to WJ with 25+ years in the Finance industry. She worked directly with portfolio managers during her time at Gulf Investment Management as well as serving as an accounts... READ MORE

Alisha Weaver, CPA

*This is not a CPA firm* Alisha’s responsibilities at WJ Interests involve supporting the advisors by executing necessary trades as well as maintaining our portfolio accounting system. Alisha came to WJ with a background in public accounting, working for industry leaders such as Arthur Anderson LLP (pre-Enron) and Nuevo Energy Company. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Texas A&M University... READ MORE

Jordan Nightingale, CFP®

Jordan’s responsibilities at WJ Interests include building and updating comprehensive financial plans while serving as a wealth advisor to clients. His passion lies in helping clients achieve their goals. Jordan brings seven years of wealth management and comprehensive financial planning experience to the firm. Additionally, Jordan specializes in retirement planning, cash flow and debt... READ MORE

Brandon Arns, CFP®

Brandon’s responsibilities at WJ Interests include supporting the investment and economic research side of the business. He is constantly searching and screening potential fund managers. Brandon works hand-in-hand with the Chief Investment Officer on portfolio management and asset allocation. Brandon first came to WJ as an intern in the summer of 2012 and then returned the following year. After... READ MORE

Jonathan Chapman, CFP®

Jonathan is a Wealth Advisor with WJ Interests. In this capacity, he provides wealth management and financial planning services to clients in order to help them plan for their financial future. He advises clients on many aspects of financial planning including retirement, education, estate, and investment planning. Prior to joining the WJ Team, Jonathan served as a Banker and Investment... READ MORE

Jared Jameson, CFP®

Jared is Vice President and Chief Investment Officer of WJ Interests. In this role, he leads the portfolio development process and all aspects of client service and satisfaction. Jared believes that transparency and the fee only approach leads to long-lasting trust based relationships. Prior to forming WJ Interests in 1996, Jared worked as a Professional Engineer at Ch2m Hill among other firms.... READ MORE

Bill Jameson, CFP®

Bill is the President and founding partner of WJ Interests. His leadership provides the strategic guidance for WJ’s asset management strategy. Bill provides the inspiration, leadership and experience that enables the WJ Team to manage our client’s investments as if it were our own. Bill has 30+ years of management experience in leading successful business enterprises. Prior to forming WJ... READ MORE