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The Mountains Are Calling

Growing up, my parents would send me to a small town called Timpson, TX, every summer to get away from the screens and city life. Being a kid from inner-city Dallas, the lack of air conditioning and sleeping with the bugs came as a shock at first, but soon incubated a love for nature I carry with me today. My wife and I share this appreciation for the great outdoors and created a goal to visit... READ MORE

Introducing WJ Charts of the Month

We are excited to introduce our new monthly publication, " WJ Charts of the Month ." This comprehensive slide deck is designed to keep you informed about the latest financial events and data, presented in a concise and easily digestible format. The presentation is organized into four sections: 1. Highlights: An introductory slide providing a snapshot of the content. 2. What Happened Last Month: A... READ MORE

Mortgages: To Pay Off or Not to Pay Off

If you got a mortgage or had the chance to refinance in the last 10 years, congratulations! You were able to lock-in historically low rates for your house payment. A question we often get is if someone should pay off their mortgage and what other options they could explore. Jonathan recently spoke on this topic in March addressing what factors homeowners should consider emotionally and... READ MORE

Expect the Unexpected

In our last WJBlog , we discussed the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank ("SVB") and its investor implications. Fortunately, as of now, the bank failure has not spread to other banks. However, SVB's failure will likely lead to FDIC limit adjustments and could tighten credit conditions, increasing the chance of a recession. The first quarter of 2023 saw significant moves in several asset classes, as... READ MORE

Wedding Budget Tips

A wedding is a beautiful and wonderful event where a couple gets to celebrate the saying of their “I Do’s”. Countless hours are spent planning details and the backbone of all that planning is the budget. I remember me and my now-wife hovering over our computers researching the options we wanted and constantly referencing our budget titled, “The Plan”.  Budgeting for a wedding can be... READ MORE

Your Deposits are Safe! But Did the Fed Break Something?

The last week has been especially busy in the banking world. Most of you have likely heard about the bank failures at either Silvergate, Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), or Signature bank, and banking stocks as a whole have gotten crushed with concerns that other banks could be next. This blog will work as a quick recap of what’s been happening, and how it will affect you as a depositor at a bank as... READ MORE

Are Home Prices Going to Crash?

I’ve heard several people asking about home prices for the last year. It’s an important question because it affects everyone. If you own a home, you don’t want one of your greatest assets losing its value. If you want to buy a home, you’ve likely been discouraged by how expensive it is compared to the last decade. The chart below was recently featured on CNBC, and highlights how... READ MORE

Bienvenido a Argentina

As I reflect on our recent nuptials and honeymoon, I would like to share our travel experience. Over a year ago, my now wife and I had decided to have our honeymoon in Argentina. Being the hiking fanatics that we are, our sights were set for the Patagonia region. Little did we know that the country would have much more to offer. Our first stop was Buenos Aires. The city is known as the “Paris... READ MORE

2023 Commentary and Outlook

Happy New Year!  We hope your year is off to a good start. January was a banner month for stocks and bonds, up 8.0% and 3.3%, respectively. Usually, a good January means a good year. We will see. To understand our outlook and portfolio positioning, please review the following items recently posted to our website: December WJNotes A Video Recording of our January Investment Luncheon WJ Blog -... READ MORE

What’s Going On with Egg Prices?

Inflation has been an issue the last couple of years, but what particular good seems to be driving that inflation at any point in time seems to be constantly changing. The price of lumber was the story for a while, then used cars, then oil and gasoline, then rent prices, and other important goods sprinkled in between. Today the dominant narrative is over eggs prices. So why are eggs so expensive?... READ MORE