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Introducing Flourish Cash

Posted: Brandon Arns

In a recent WJ Notes, we discussed the very low interest rates paid by most banks on checking and savings accounts. To recap, the average checking/savings account is paying 0.09% interest even though the federal reserve has increased interest rates above 2.5%. Some banks do pay higher interest rates on checking accounts, but you have to establish an account at that bank and transfer balances between the banks. This is a cumbersome process that most clients will not undertake, even if it means earning subpar yields on cash.

We have good news! WJ is going to be offering an exclusive new tool that will allow clients to earn amongst the highest cash rates available, while still being FDIC insured.

Stone Ridge Asset Management, one of the firms we work with, has partnered with several higher yielding banks to create a tool called Flourish Cash. This tool is only available to the investment advisors that Stone Ridge partners with, and we are excited to be able to give you access as clients.

With Flourish Cash (FC), your savings will now:

  • ·  Earn a 2.3% Yield (vs. 0.09% for the average savings account)
  • ·  Be insured up to $8 million by the FDIC (vs. $250K for a single savings


  • ·  Require no change to how you currently use your bank

    The way it works is simple. FC gives you one account that accomplishes what would otherwise require accounts at multiple different banks. Behind the scenes, the cash in your Flourish Cash account is automatically transferred to one or more of FC’s Program Banks, who offer a higher rate. Because FC partners with multiple banks, you will be eligible to receive higher FDIC insurance coverage than any individual bank account, all while receiving a single monthly account statement and one annual tax document.

    To better explain, please watch this quick video (password: “flourishvideo2019”) about Flourish Cash. Also, click here to view a Fact Sheet that will provide basic information on Flourish Cash as well as some FAQs to cover more detailed questions.

    Flourish Cash is available by invite only, and we will be sending these invites in the coming weeks. Expect an email from, and click “Get Started” at the bottom of the email to create your account. The set up takes a total of about 5 minutes and is very user-friendly.

    We are excited to have the opportunity to offer this tool and believe it will add a lot of value for our clients. If you have any questions about Flourish Cash, please give us a call at 281-634-9400.

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