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Introducing WJ Charts of the Month

Posted: Brandon Arns

We are excited to introduce our new monthly publication, “WJ Charts of the Month.” This comprehensive slide deck is designed to keep you informed about the latest financial events and data, presented in a concise and easily digestible format.

The presentation is organized into four sections:

1. Highlights: An introductory slide providing a snapshot of the content.
2. What Happened Last Month: A curated collection of charts summarizing the previous month’s key events.
3. WJ State of the Economy: A series of WJ-created charts emphasizing crucial economic factors and trends.
4. WJ State of the Markets: An overview of the core markets we monitor, using WJ-crafted charts.

Our aim is to maintain consistency across the charts for easy month-over-month comparison. However, we may adjust or emphasize specific charts if their relevance shifts over time. The charts are not meant to project WJ’s view of the economy or various markets, but to distill several bits of key financial information in a quick, approachable way.

As this is the first edition, we would greatly appreciate your feedback. If you have any suggestions regarding the format or content, or if there’s particular information you’d like to see in future editions, please let us know.

In this first edition, we cover several financial topics including:
• The Banking Crisis
• Inflation
• The Housing Market
• Trouble for the US Dollar?
• Market Performance

We hope you find this resource valuable and look forward to hearing more about how to make this more beneficial for you.

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