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CARES Act: What Retirees, Employees and Business Owners Should Know

On March 27th, the “Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act,” also known as the “CARES Act,” was signed into law. This is a $2 trillion emergency fiscal stimulus package intended to limit the economic damage created by the Coronavirus. The CARES Act includes various types of aid for both individuals and small businesses. The following is a summary of the key provisions. Income... READ MORE

WJ Conference Call Recap

Last week, we hosted a conference call with our clients to discuss the recent market environment, how we have  been positioned, and opportunities we see going forward. In addition, we received several important questions that we think are representative of what other investors are thinking. This WJ Notes will serve as a recap of the call and those questions and answers. “There are decades... READ MORE

Finding Opportunities and Dealing with Extreme Uncertainty

“ There are only nine meals between mankind and anarchy. ” - Alfred Henry Lewis 1906 This quotation seems to perfectly capture the fear generated by the Coronavirus. Obviously, there is also fear of mortality from the disease, but so few people currently have the disease it seems less of a concern. Shutdown my Starbucks, my movie theater, my favorite restaurant and I will soldier on, but... READ MORE

Coronavirus Update

As we are all now painfully aware, Coronavirus is here and making a huge impact on our everyday lives. School districts are closing, universities are finishing their semesters online, large events are being canceled, and essentially every sporting event is also being cancelled or postponed for the near future. For businesses that are able, most are having employees begin to work remotely, global... READ MORE

Coronavirus Update

The spread of Coronavirus and its impact on our health and the economy are increasingly becoming a more serious concern. We’ve reached more than 82,000 confirmed cases and the virus is continuing to spread globally, including in the U.S. Predicting what the next several months look like is impossible, but it's clear that the market is pricing in some serious economic concerns. As of 2/27, the... READ MORE