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All About Inflation

Inflation is one of the scariest words in finance. It is something people have been especially concerned about ever since the Fed started printing money in 2008. You have all seen the commercials telling you to buy gold (or perhaps more recently bitcoin) to save yourself from the impending collapse of the dollar. Since then, we have seen almost no inflation at all, struggling just to get over 2%... READ MORE

What the Election Means for Your Portfolio

In case you have not heard, we have an important election coming up. According to politicians it is the most consequential election in American history. That is a pretty bold claim when considering past election surrounding events like the Civil War, WWI, WWII and many other seminal moments in American history. Of course, this is the election happening now, so in this moment it is the most... READ MORE

An Upside-Down Market

One of my favorite financial writers is an anonymous researcher who goes by the pseudonym, Jesse Livermore. The real Jesse Livermore was a pioneer of day trading in the early 1900s, whom at one point became one of the richest men in the world but ended up taking his own life when he lost everything. Little is known about the current writer who uses his name today. He only writes a couple pieces a... READ MORE