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The Tradeoff of Market Timing

Timing the market is the holy grail of investing. On one hand, traders try to time the market opportunistically to achieve higher returns. On the other, many portfolio managers try to sidestep bad market conditions to lower the risk of the portfolio. The effect of compounding can make this a worthwhile practice, as seen in the table below: When you lose 50% on an investment, you need 100% gain to... READ MORE

Advice For Someone Just Starting Out With Investing

“What do I do with my money?” It’s a question I’m starting to get more and more frequently. Most of my peers (late 20s give or take a few years) are at a stage in life where they are starting to settle into their career, have paid down some debt and are now saving a portion of their income. Whether that’s through a retirement account, like a 401k, or an outside savings account, many are... READ MORE