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Spring 2022 Investor Luncheon

A presentation with WJ Advisors focusing on investing in 2022 including The Federal Reserve, inflation, low-interest rates, and the Economic War on Russia. Click Here to Watch on  YouTube... READ MORE

Follow-up to Previous Blog – WHEN You Should Invest

Brandon wrote a great blog post last week regarding when someone should invest. Click Here for his post. As a follow-up to that post, Visual Capitalist recently published an article that continues with that theme. It discusses buying the dip, the rise or following a plan. I’ll cut to the chase, follow a plan. Here’s the Visual Capitalist article:... READ MORE

Client Question: How Important is WHEN I Start Investing to My Overall Investing Experience?

Not too long ago, a client came to me with an interesting idea for a blog. The client asked (paraphrasing), “how does WHEN I get started as an investor in stocks, affect my experience as an investor?” We intuitively know it has some effect. Today’s younger investors (which I can count myself a part of) who started investing after the 2008 recession only know a stock market that goes up.... READ MORE

How am I doing compared to others: 3 ways to measure your financial security

We are often asked, “How am I doing compared to others?” I get the sense that people do not ask this question hoping to be better off than others or in “Keeping up with the Joneses.” I genuinely think it comes from a true lack of understanding or confirmation as to where they are financially, which is why they have hired us in the first place. It is like a ship at sea that does not have a... READ MORE

How Much Should Stock Prices Move?

Clients often tell us the stock market makes no sense to them. How can the value of a company fluctuate 10% in a day? How can an entire stock market index, representing hundreds of stocks, move on average 1% per day? Clients view this type of volatility as something more akin to a huge casino rather than a rational, efficient capital allocation mechanism. You know what? They are partially right.... READ MORE

Compounding your Money Requires Compounding Good Decisions

I ran across an interesting article last week written by Larry Swedroe. Mr. Swedroe is a prolific writer having written eight books and numerous articles explaining, in layman's terms, how to be a successful investor. The article is titled, "The Importance of Diversification in Achieving Long-Term Goals." The beginning of the article describes a hypothetical investor who inherited $1 million in... READ MORE