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Client Question: How Important is WHEN I Start Investing to My Overall Investing Experience?

Not too long ago, a client came to me with an interesting idea for a blog. The client asked (paraphrasing), “how does WHEN I get started as an investor in stocks, affect my experience as an investor?” We intuitively know it has some effect. Today’s younger investors (which I can count myself a part of) who started investing after the 2008 recession only know a stock market that goes up.... READ MORE

Thoughts From a First Time Home Buyer

Last week, my wife and I bought our first house. We initially signed the contract about 3 months ago and have been dying of anticipation ever since. Actually, it wasn’t 3 months, it was about 76 days and 18 hours. I know because my wife set a countdown on her phone for our closing date the day we signed and has reminded me of how many days were left every morning since! I’ve been excited as... READ MORE