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Historic Low Yields Mean Dismal Future Bond Returns. What Can I Do?

We have written in the past about how to address an upcoming dismal period for bond investors. See here and here . In this blog, I address advice I often hear and read in the financial press and from market pundits. After lamenting low yields, the pundit suggests something like the following: “Since yields on bonds are so low, why not just buy stocks with high dividend yields?” At first blush... READ MORE

An Upside-Down Market

One of my favorite financial writers is an anonymous researcher who goes by the pseudonym, Jesse Livermore. The real Jesse Livermore was a pioneer of day trading in the early 1900s, whom at one point became one of the richest men in the world but ended up taking his own life when he lost everything. Little is known about the current writer who uses his name today. He only writes a couple pieces a... READ MORE

Diversification is Key to Building Portfolios

Jason Zweig's latest contribution to the Wall Street Journal is called "Putting the Buy-and-Hold Gospel to the Ultimate Test." Click here to read the full article. In the article, he discusses the biggest stock market crash of them all that began in 1929.  The stock market fell 89.2% from peak to trough and, excluding dividends, did not recover for over a quarter century. As Zweig states,... READ MORE