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Historic Low Yields Mean Dismal Future Bond Returns. What Can I Do?

We have written in the past about how to address an upcoming dismal period for bond investors. See here and here . In this blog, I address advice I often hear and read in the financial press and from market pundits. After lamenting low yields, the pundit suggests something like the following: “Since yields on bonds are so low, why not just buy stocks with high dividend yields?” At first blush... READ MORE

What is up with Tesla’s Stock Price?

I ran across these charts on Twitter recently (@AlbertBridgeCap). The charts compare the enterprise values and sales of the entire auto industry vs. Tesla. Tesla is up over 400% this year and is now worth more than only a handful of companies in the entire world. In reviewing the first chart, one might infer Tesla sold a similar amount of cars as the rest of the auto industry combined. Your... READ MORE

Dividend Delusions

This blog is inspired by a client who recently asked what our thoughts were about an article titled, “3 Safe Dividend Funds Averaging 8% to Buy Today and Hold Forever.” This is a pretty fair question, considering that the article claims these funds both yield 8% AND are safe. Why would we waste our time buying bonds that yield only 3%? We’ve gotten questions like this from clients in... READ MORE